Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Indulge with Strawberry and White Chocolate with Avon Naturals

I guess most girls are smitten with sweetness and softness and everything that comes with it. So there needs no explanation why I came to love this new shower gel and body lotion from Avon.

                                 Strawberry and White Chocolate Shower Gel and Body Lotion

Every time I use these I feel nothing but sweetness and softness and indulgence that lasts. :) Night time is the perfect time to bathe and nourish in these as the scent calms the senses and makes you imagine you're sleeping in a field of strawberries! I just love these two so much that I will be buying again and again, that I am sure of.

* Shower Gel
The shower gel smells so good and it really leaves the skin so soft after rinsing. I use this with a pouf and lather gently in circular motion all over my body. It never strips the skin of its moisture and for people with normal skin, I guess applying lotion after bath is not necessary as this is very moisturizing.

* Body Lotion
Like the shower gel, this body lotion smells equally as good. It gives the skin that needed moisture and gives such a velvety feeling that lasts for hours.

I am glad that my best friend introduced this to me. :) She really knows how to catch my heart. If you have a chance to grab these treats, please do not hesitate, give it a shot right away. I believe Avon offers this on sale for I think a few bucks over a hundred pesos each (I'm sorry I forgot).

And don't worry, ants will not eat you while you're sleeping. :)


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    1. Not only the label. But also the liquid inside feels yummy too... Checkout my blog for the similar product


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