Sunday, August 23, 2009

always have a happy heart..

Last night, everything was in the most chaotic way things could be. I went home with a very bad mood, my dogs were all dirty and hungry, and no one is able or should I say, no one is willing enough to "substitute" and do the things that I do even for just a night. I witnessed a dramatic discussion which is more like a fight between my mom and my grandma and I went to bed with this headache from all those unstoppable, unlikeable and unbearable things that happened and I just can't understand why all of these should happen.

Then I woke up this morning. I felt okay and it was a good sleep though. The rain kept on falling on my roof and it meant it'll be a lazy day today. But alteast, I felt fine. I forgot for the meantime the chaos that it was last night. When I went down I saw my mom and my grandma together again, doing business again as if they never had this fight. My brother was still sleeping by then and my dogs were still dirty.

But I feel happy today.

Maybe it is because of the rain. It cried for me.. :) nyeh... Seriously, maybe it's just because we love each other so much. In this family, things may never be perfect and things can go unruly sometimes. But as long as there is love, there would always be this magic that will patch things up, fix fights and bind us all overtime, even just as we sleep. And we'll always wake up in the morning having this bigger rooms in our hearts for forgiveness and acceptance and most of all for love.. I just love my family so much..

Ooops... and my dogs too. :) now, I'm off to give them a bath..

what about a rain shower!! hmmm... :)

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