Friday, February 19, 2010

Winning The Battle Over Pimples

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I think September last year, I started to have pimples on my face. They started to show up one by one, making me worried day after day for I was never a pimple person even through the critical adolescent stage years and years ago. The only culprit I could remember was the mistake of trying to use a sunblock that was soooo incompatible with my face. That was the time I first experienced having what they call "cystic" pimples, those big, red and plump annoying bumps looking more like volcanoes around my face.

I am a natural soap convert from head to toe come early 2009, and up to now, I'm so loving the benefits I get with using natural soaps. But then with those pimples lurking in my face, I couldn't stand facing the mirror for long and I even started using mineral foundations just to cover up what seems to be the most annoying thing that ever happened to my face. I knew I needed something to stop the pimples from transforming my face into a devastated jack fruit, whether it may be natural or not, I just needed something to stop it.

I tried those pimple gels I've read and heard about, but goodness gracious! how I hoped I never bothered to. Yes, they were good at drying out pimples, but boy they have this common denominator of leaving you scar faced with the marks as remnants of your doomed face. What else to be happy about? Losing a pimple in exchange of a dark scar? Bummer.

Until one day I remember walking through Watson's and saw this soap. DEFENSIL ANTI PIMPLE SOAP. I have seen this soap long time ago on some magazine pages but I cared less for I never needed an anti-pimple before. But then having the heavy heart of seeing my face each time, I'd grasp whatever I see that comes with the "anti-pimple" promise.

Which happened to be the best thing I ever did for my case. From the first week of using Defensil, my pimples diminished in size and with continous usage, it completely healed my face. Just in time for my cousin's wedding last December, I bet no one would ever guess I had a battle with annoying pimples. Now I no longer have pimples on my face, not even a single one. I believe Defensil also helps prevent blackheads and whiteheads that leads to future breakouts thus, goodbye pimples for me! :)

I still continue my forever favorite natural soap in the morning and Defensil at night. This has been my simple face routine and I am happy to say I am now pimple-free.

(wasn't paid for, this is simply based on personal experience)


  1. do u use sunblock at the same time? for instance ever bilena sunblock? thanks for the info.

  2. Hi. :) Yes I always use sunblock. I normally use a moisturizer with sunblock instead of just sunblock. What I love is the Leyende Face Canvass. It's a skin base with a lot of skin benefits. It also has natural sunblock protection. -yes, it is organic. :)

  3. thanks for this info.. im using DEFENSIL ryt now and i hope that it will work on my face to..

  4. Hi Karla! I've been using Defensil for about 2 or 3 weeks now, pina-partner ko with acne aid soap. I notice every time I wash red yung pimples after.. Masakit kasi siya or dahil masyadong madami lang ako magsabon.. Natutuyo naman yung pimples pero ang tagal mawala.. I'm not a pimple person din kahit nung adolescent years ko last year nagkaron ako ng pimples sa noo then kumalat na ng kumalot. I was advised by my derma na due to hormonal changes and along side pinapatake niya ko ng Diane 35. Pero ang tagal kasi. Sana mawala na pimples ko :(


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