Sunday, April 24, 2011

WHIFF OF THE MOMENT (Heiress by Paris Hilton & Vanilla Ice Cream)

I love love love smelling good. :) For me it's like a prerequisite of being beautiful. Imagine looking stunningly gorgeous but smelling like a rotten banana.. it just.. voids the beauty. Right? I really don't have that strict preference to fragrance, as long as it goes perfectly harmonious with my body chemistry, then off we go.

As of the moment, I am loving these two:

Paris Hilton Heiress Perfume by Paris Hilton

It has top notes of passion fruit, orange, peach granita, and champagne mimosa. With middle notes consisting of star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom, and grenadine. Then base notes of violet leaf, vetiver, tonka, and blonde woods.

This perfume got me impressed not only by the scent (which is just so sexy in my terms), but also because of its staying power. I don't bring the bottle with me at the office, I spray just a little before I head out, but the scent lingers until I get back home after an 8-hour shift + 2 hours of traveling time.

see how pretty the bottle is.. :)

And this, I love to wear at home, or at my quick out-for-coffee times.. Zen Zest Vanilla Ice Cream. This is a part of the Sparkling Sugar Collection and I believe you can get this at almost every mall where Zen Zest is available.

Well, this one smells of vanilla and sugar, so sweetly combined together, I can't stop smelling myself. :) I don't know, but there really is something about vanilla that I find so enchanting. Even when I was a little girl, at the time where I know nothing about scents but only soap and water, I always like icings on cake.. for the taste and it's smell. And I'll never forget how it sticks to my hair too!.. oh.. those were the days.. :) Anywhoo, I like this cologne a lot. This is actually my second bottle and I'll always buy another soon as I get past less than half of this. It does only stay for quite a while but that's forgiven knowing that it's just Eau de Cologne.


  1. thanks for following my blog! The last fragrance sounds very yummy!

    Yeah that is a jade but not particularly expensive, it was bought a long time ago :)

  2. Hi Nic Nic! :) thanks for following me too! It gets me all the more excited! :) I still adore that necklace of yours.. I wish I'll get across with something like that..

  3. I've always been drawn to vanilla scents and I suppose it was one of the earliest scents that I learnt about when young. It sticks in the mind. I gotta say, that Paris Hilton bottle looks so whimsical with its rainbow effect! :)


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