Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Yesterday, I had a great chance to see this movie while my brother's still here at home. Okay, I admit, I'm really weak at watching horror movies and the slightest move can send me screaming at the top of my lungs. My friend Jac lend me her dvd of this and I'm so grateful that I don't have to worry for I'll be screaming all the way I would want if ever this scares me real good.

Well, some kept on saying that this were real footages. But I guess not. If these were real then why do I see videos of the cast on YouTube, when Katie and Micah were supposed to be dead? They were being interviewed about the said movie and I just found out that this was a film made over a low budget. Seems that it turned out good coz they were able to get more than what they expected, thanks for good publicity.

Anyway, in terms of the movie itself, I think I wasn't that satisfied. It's like getting a Mud Pie Blizzard which tastes like plain Mcdo Vanilla Cone. Vanilla Cone's good though, so I must say Paranormal Activity is an average movie you'd better watch on dvd's than spend like 180 pesos in cinemas. It kept me watching but it didn't move me.

Sayang, I was preparing for my trademark scream pa naman.. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am so much aware of things about a commuter's life. I am a student, make that a graduating one please :), and I don't own a car..not even something that has wheels on it. So in everyday of commuting just to get anywhere I opt to go, I kind of immune myself of the stress and the hassles of riding a jeepney or a bus.

Usually, I don't complain. Not of the traffic, not of the way I sit like I only paid 1 peso for a kilometer ride (sometimes, others sit as if they're in a taxi or as if they brought their bed along with them). But one thing I really can't take in and get used to is when the girl right next to me has long hair and an incredibly insensitive nature. Like when the wind blows over her hair and that her locks furiously sweep over my face. Gggrrrr!!.. I can take it when my hair falls and sticks to my lip gloss, but not somebody else's hair!! I won't even know if that person had a bath and shampooed so I won't be having germs accumulating on my lips..

When that happens, I take my gloss off and wait till I had the chance to reapply. And then I move my butt off so she'll feel that the person next to her is uncomfortably annoyed of her hair. Naman... I have long hair too, but I see to it to never let it sway on other's faces like the brooms of MMDA on the road..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

always have a happy heart..

Last night, everything was in the most chaotic way things could be. I went home with a very bad mood, my dogs were all dirty and hungry, and no one is able or should I say, no one is willing enough to "substitute" and do the things that I do even for just a night. I witnessed a dramatic discussion which is more like a fight between my mom and my grandma and I went to bed with this headache from all those unstoppable, unlikeable and unbearable things that happened and I just can't understand why all of these should happen.

Then I woke up this morning. I felt okay and it was a good sleep though. The rain kept on falling on my roof and it meant it'll be a lazy day today. But alteast, I felt fine. I forgot for the meantime the chaos that it was last night. When I went down I saw my mom and my grandma together again, doing business again as if they never had this fight. My brother was still sleeping by then and my dogs were still dirty.

But I feel happy today.

Maybe it is because of the rain. It cried for me.. :) nyeh... Seriously, maybe it's just because we love each other so much. In this family, things may never be perfect and things can go unruly sometimes. But as long as there is love, there would always be this magic that will patch things up, fix fights and bind us all overtime, even just as we sleep. And we'll always wake up in the morning having this bigger rooms in our hearts for forgiveness and acceptance and most of all for love.. I just love my family so much..

Ooops... and my dogs too. :) now, I'm off to give them a bath..

what about a rain shower!! hmmm... :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 12 Resolution

Starting today, I will never ever drink softdrinks again!! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's summer time now and I'm supposed to be having fun and enjoying life like what summer is supposed to be. Well, not for Karla. I have to finish my Communications 4 and 5 so I took the risk of having those simultaneously, which is like "whoa!". I mean, I have no choice, no, I have a choice but I was left with bad choices to choose from so I kind of chosen the better of those bad choices (huh?).

For the summer, we were given two designs we have to work on. One is a Microwave Link Design for Dagupan-Solano areas and the other is a Cellular Communications Network (GSM 1800) for Davao Del Sur. Sounds good? No. I of course appreciate the fact that they are preparing us and making us as competitive as we can be. But then, having two designs for a span of 4 weeks to finish is like asking a 10 year old finish 100 calculus problems in 3 hours! *sigh* This is really sucking the life out of me. But then again, thanks to my pride, I won't let myself get away with nothing, of course I managed to get through the most difficult parts and hopefully, my designs will be finished I think two days from now. Yes, Im nearly there. My documentations are nearly done too and the maps were all laid out for checking.

Oh I can't wait for Saturday!! After all the sleepless nights and forgotten meals, at last!, I can sleep all I want by then and eat all I want.. well, I still have to wait till Saturday.

but for now, well... back to my designs...................

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ByNature Handmade Soaps

When I was just a kid, I never ever cared about what to use as long as my mom is there and as long as she knows what I am using. Well, during the old times, mommies rely on the traditional way of housekeeping and they tend to pass on what they have learned at home when they were little too. My mom believed that commercial soaps are just fine. Who would have known their flaws anyway? For more than 20 years of my breathing, I have used different local and imported soaps. Bought or given to me as a gift, I all look at them at the same perspective as "just a bar to clean dirt". True enough, they did cleanse me up.. and dried me up. Dry that I learned how to use lotion after every bath. I expertly knew how to lotion up even when I was just a little girl. :)

But then, I had this chance to learn more about soaps with another wonderful mom. She creates hand made soaps for almost a decade now and still continues to spread the love by making her soaps available to everyone. And I started to believe in one thing. That all-natural products are the best. I first tried one of her soaps which is the Citrus White and Olive Beauty. All of which were done with all-natural ingredients, almost good enough to eat so I never would have to worry about the soap's compatibility with my skin. I never had allergies to the ingredients, though.

Citrus White - Made my skin lighter and helped in eliminating dullness. Softens and smoothens my skin, which is automatic because of its goat's milk content.

Olive Beauty - A very mild soap made with the ever-enriching Olive Oil. Makes my skin super soft and smooth. This one is unscented which is just fine for everyone even for babies and those with super-sensitive skin.

After her two variants, I kept on trying one after another and only found myself being amazed with each bar. By Nature Handmade Soaps does not only care about our skin but also cares about the environment and the animals. Some of the proceeds from the soaps were given out to different charities and foundations, which is one of the good things to know. Now, as a grown-up, I think its my turn to teach my mommy something she didn't knew about. And that's caring for our skin-naturally. Keeping away from chemicals and animal by-products are always the good thing to do, and we all should make the best out of what nature can give us.

To know more about By Nature Handmade Soaps, visit and begin saving your skin from the damage it can get from commercial soaps.

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