Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heather Feather will be in my Heart Forever..

A few days from now, 8 days to be exact, Heather will go back to Utah and live her life just the way it was 2 months ago before she left and work temporarily here in the Philippines. I don't even want to think about her leaving. :( But days pass so fast, we hardly can tell and the only time we realize it's over is when it is -over.

Now I believe that friendship is really something that can change someone's heart. Before I met Heather, I always have this "weirdness" inside of me that I kept holding back because I know that no one will ever understand. In the meantime maybe, some may pretend that they do, but in the end of everything, they might always think that I am "not normal".

Not with Heather. We have the same wavelength. She taught me to care less of what others will think or say as long as I'm not doing anything wrong. I love my Filipino culture and I love my race. And I would love it even more if some of us will try to learn that there are things that we should stop giving attention to.. -like living a life from a set of standards created by people with a dogmatic rather than a conservative point of view.

I love her so much. It breaks my heart thinking I'll be coming to work but won't be seeing her pink mug elsewhere. I'll miss having lunch with her, as she would always ask "What's that?" or "What is this?", pertaining to the food usually served at the pantry. Oh how I'll miss her voice telling me how stupid I am not to take care of my escalations.. :) I will miss her to pieces. *sigh*

It's not right to have a heavy heart at this time. I have to make her last week of stay as happy as it could be. For I'll never know when will I get to see her again. How I wish to work my butt off like crazy so I'll be able to visit her someday there in her far away land and meet Dill and her grandma.

....let me end this one now before I even start crying.. :(

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