Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prestige MultiTask Wet/Dry Powder Foundation

This week has been a nice week for me. :) I love the rain, oh yes, summer's officially over here in the Philippines! And I'm more excited about that. Hehe, I am one of those odd people who favor rainy days over sunny summer days. Oh you can't blame me, here in the Philippines, when it's hot, it means oven-hot!

Last Tuesday, I was thinking of getting In2It's Dual Powder Foundation. Normally, I can get away with just tinted moisturizer set with loose powder. But methinks I should try playing a bit with foundations since it's getting a little colder here. :) So what I did was head out to Galleria and get what I see as one of the most recommended brands, the Japanese-made In2It Powder Foundation.

I was so excited (like I always am when it comes to make-up) only to discover they don't have the shade suited for my skin tone, which is Harvest. :( And I won't buy what I know will be notches off my skin color so I decided to take a look at other brands.

My feet headed me off to Beauty Bar. Thank heavens they did. :) Beside Japonesque, the brand Prestige caught my eyes. I've always wanted to try Prestige as I have read pretty much good reviews about it so I finally settled with their powder foundation (click image to enlarge).

This is my first time to try this out and I guess I had what they call "Beginner's Luck"! After days of usage, I have nothing bad to say about what I bought. Well, for the product itself.. packaging is a different story. As you can see, the mirror is placed under the powder pan, which means you'd have to flip over back and forth during application, which for me, is not user-friendly. But other than that, I totally love this one.


* Nice Coverage. Can be used wet or dry according to your preference. But I use this dry. Putting this after my tinted moisturizer does the job of making it stick to my skin.

* Lasts all day! It is so surprising to note that at the end of the day, though I'd have to blot the oilies once or twice, the coverage is still good.

* Usually, when a product is harsh, my skin tends to react after hours or even minutes after application. But with this one, I don't experience allergies or redness or bumps after days of usage. And if ever anything negative comes up in the long run, I'll be updating this post so I'll be crossing my fingers with this.. :)

* Never had that heavy feeling. It feels natural and light.


* The packaging. I think it'll be nicer if they did it with the "sponge-mirror-powder" kind of thing I once saw in one of The Face Shop's powders, instead of this "powder-mirror-sponge" ensemble.

Other than that single gripe, I am loving this. :) I'd definitely repurchase once this runs out and I highly recommend this to those who want Medium Coverage that lasts all day.

Thanks for dropping by! :)


  1. this sounds like a great product.. Prestige is pretty popular in the UK too!

  2. Hi Nic Nic! :) what a coincidence, I'm watching your videos right now.. :) yes, this really is a nice product. hope you'd try this some time, I would love to hear your thoughts about it.. :)

  3. I like the pressed powder but I have yet to try this. Will keep this in mind in case I need a new powder foundation. Good review. :)

  4. Thanks Pammy! I'll watch out for that.. :)

  5. hi sis! naks, comeback review! glad it worked for you! did you sign up on my Clinique event on 18th June pala? :))

  6. @wickeRmoss: sister!! :) how I wish I can go to your Clinique event.. but then I have a scheduled thingy on June 18.. :( sayang, that is the perfect time to meet you in person sana..

    @fashioneggpplant: thank you.. :)

  7. Wow I'd like to try this one out too. But I have to finish some of my powder foundations first. ;)

  8. great review. i think my sister uses this product. :)

  9. @Charry: yah, I've seen you've got a number of powder foundations to finish.. :)

    @sugar sugar: thanks. :)

  10. The packaging does look very nice - first impression. But you're right. It's just not practical how they've put them all together. Flipping back and forth? That's ridiculous. It was probably designed by a man. :D

  11. @Witoxicity: hahaha! you made me laugh on that dear.. :) yah.. I guess they had a man to design this.. :) a man who poorly knows how precious time is to a woman who loves make-up! :)

  12. Its my first time to try out this product bec I normally use rice powder( also bought at beauty bar) but they didnt have the shade I was looking for so thats why the sales girl suggested prestige multiTask wet/dry powder foundation. Im happy about the result of this product to my skin, it makes my skin look fresh and vibrant. Not to mention, its long lasting too! Happy me ;)


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