Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hanggang Sa Muli, Daddy..

Dear Daddy,

This is the very first time I'd have to send a letter for you to an address with one word, "Heaven". It still breaks my heart like nothing else can, but don't worry, I'm trying to be strong just like the way you taught me to.

You went away with the wind without me knowing and in the next minute, I was left with nothing but to accept the truth I'll never hear your husky voice again, or even feel the warmth of your big sturdy hands.

I will never forget you Daddy. :( And I miss you so much. I can give years and years of my life in exchange of a minute with you. And in that minute, I just want you to keep silent and hear me shout in the entirety of this world how much I love you. Let me see you smile once again, please Daddy. I can go on in my whole life pleading just to see you smile.

And remember what you said before? That you'll shoot the guy who'll make me cry? I want you to take it back. I don't want you to shoot yourself coz no one, no guy has ever made me cry like I do when I think of you. I know you didn't see it coming and I blame no one for that. I know God needs you there, so He had to take you away from us.

Someday, I know, I'll get to see you again. Your handsome face, your wide smile that once brightened my life. And until that day, I will patiently wait. When that day comes, I'll sing with you there like we always did here. And we'll fly high through the clouds like how high our dreams were.

Hanggang sa muli Daddy, Happy father's day.


  1. I was crying while doing this post too.. thanks for dropping by sis, Happy Father's day to your dad. :)

  2. Aww hugs. This is a very touching post.

  3. touching...for sure ate ur Dad is smiling now..

  4. @sugar sugar: thanks sis.. I saw your picture with your dad, kainggit!! :)

    @Judith: thanks dear.. haynako.. kung alam lang niya.. :( sobrang miss ko na siya..

  5. I cried while reading this. My Dad passed away May 2010. Second Father's Day without Dad. T_T

  6. Hope you don't mind me tweeting the link to this blog post.

  7. Hi Janinay! :) of course I wont mine dear.. thanks! we both share the same sentiment.. and it's just sad that we'll never ever get over it.. but atleast we can celebrate the life that they had.. and thank God for the chance of having them as our dads.. hugs for you dear.. :)

  8. I read this just now. Such a coincidence that I used the very same picture on my Letter for Daddy post. Cheers to use daddy's girls. I'm sure he's so proud of you and can't wait to hold you in his arms again. *hugs*

  9. I am extremely touched by your post. I can just imagine the pain. Hope you will feel better, and he must be smiling knowing that he raised you as his daughter.
    Btw, I am hosting one myself with a beautiful neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake. Hope you can join! - Mar

  10. Such a touching lettter. I'm sure you Dad read it and knows that his darling daughter loves him very much. I know the feeling. I have that same kind of thoughts too when I think of my late father. [hugs]


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