Monday, September 26, 2011

Nobody Did It But Me

Four days ago, when we were in Singapore, we stayed at Universal Studios to enjoy the remaining hours of the day before they close it out in preparation for the F1 Race. All of the rides were nice and good enough for kids to enjoy and the mascots around were like actual fairy tale characters taken out of a story book.

I was in awe with each sight but there is this one thing giantly standing in an area in a manner somewhat daring me straight in the eye saying "Can you handle me?". And this,

dared me like a monster ready to eat my heart out.

I know, I know this may seem easy to look at.. but seeing this face to face is like a challenge. "Will I try this or not?" "To ride or not to ride?"


Battlestar Galactica®
(as taken from the Resorts World Sentosa site)

Choose your side – HUMAN or CYLON - as you engage in the ultimate intergalactic battle between good and evil on the world's tallest dueling roller coasters! Themed after the hit television series Battlestar Galactica, these spectacular, intertwined coasters offer a truly exhilarating adventure as you twist, turn and drop in an intense aerial dogfight.

Riders on both coasters will experience unbelievable thrills as they race towards each other and nearly collide!

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN® - Red
Zooming at speeds of 82.8 km/h, the HUMAN Viper Mark II is a seated coaster that propels you 14 storeys into the air while pursuing your enemy

Battlestar Galactica: CYLON® - Blue
The CYLON Raider is a suspended roller coaster that will turn your world upside down as it runs through a vertical loop, corkscrew and cobra roll.


And I have chosen my side - CYLON!!! and never did I regret it. We came in a pack of seven and I was the only one with the nerve to take the joy ride (Proud Smile).

For a good minute that I was suspended in air with my legs fighting the wind (good thing not a shoe went off), I did nothing but scream my heart out. It felt good to scream as loud as I can, the loudest that I can belt out under normal circumstances. I enjoyed the ride but most of all, I enjoyed the feeling of being detached from land, up there 14/15 storeys above, defying gravity. Gravity of all kinds that keep on bringing my soul down.

For a good minute, my heart was numbed by the thrill Cylon brought me. Just this one time, thrill devoured the hurt I have been keeping even before I set foot in Singapore. But it was only a minute. After that, soon as the ride was over, a little bit dizzy I walked out of the exit gate, wishing I could just stay there, up there trading hurt for thrill and tears for screams.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Struggle That Never Stops

Sometimes, things are just not right. Like why the heck you'd have to go back to square one and start all over? It's just not fair, thinking how much you've given and how much you've lost over someone or something then after all, you have to accept that everything's null and void.

I guess that's what the world is all about.. for not getting what you've worked for.. and not having what you deserve. Time after time people complain (like I do) about not getting what's supposed to be given to them. And it's a common dilemma. A battle between ego and reality. Life and Love.

Then we all end up being quiet. We all fall into the bed of accepting what was given, fair or not fair, much or not much. Because we'd rather stand up with the resolute mind that was left of us to continue and never stop. The world was never fair anyway, never.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

DIY: Lipstick Merry-Go-Round

This candies kept me busy this morning.

As I went through Indian Vanity Case's blog, she gave me an idea on how to create my own lipstick sundae.. :) Mine didn't resemble a sundae but looked more like a merry-go-round of lipsticks.

I've got lots of lipsticks (more than 20 tubes I think!) and due to this addiction, they still keep on coming.

Being able to put several tubes of lipsticks in one pot is a great idea and with this project, I managed to combine 10 lipsticks and an EOS lip balm in one ensemble.

Well, I decided to include a lip balm at the center because I always put lip balm underneath lipstick. So this really comes in handy.

Things I used:

- a clean knife
- small, clean pot (was once a mineral foundation container)
- tissues (to clean up the knife)
- heat
- metal container (used when melting lipstick)

How I did it:

1. I selected different shades of lipsticks, from Reds, to Nudes and Pinks. These are the ones that are about their mid-lengths.

2. Placed them in the freezer to harden the lipsticks so I won't crush them easily when trying to take them out of the tube.

3. Once hardened, I one by one measured and cut them just about the height of the tub then placed them in a row along the edges of the pot.

4. Then these lipstick cut-outs, no, I didn't throw them away. :) I melted them in a metal container and poured it at the center of the pot. This will hold the lipsticks in place and will later set as a holder for the EOS lip balm.

5. I scooped out the lip balm from the sphere and placed it right at the center where I poured the melted lipsticks. Then I waited for the whole thing to cool down.

and... Taddaaaa!! My own Lipstick Merry-Go-Round! :) :) :)

I am really happy I came to see Indian Vanity Case's post, I was able to come up with this. Credits to her creativity! :)

I will be having a vacation to Singapore in a couple of weeks from now and this for sure will keep me company during my trip!

Hope you like this post as much as I do! :) Happy Sunday to everyone!

SNOE Magic Apple Whitening S-rub (for the face and body)

"Our special Apple Whitening S-rub works like magic!"

Instructions (from the back of the tub):

Massage on dry skin. Apply particular attention to dry and flaky areas such as elbows, heels and knees. Then leave on for 5 minutes and rub till product is sloughed off from skin. Product will go from white to gray and even brown, depending on how much dead skin is removed. Skin becomes silky and lighter instantly! The best part is that there is no need to rinse. Use on the face and dark areas of your body. For maximum results, use twice a week. Alternate with Snoe White Beauty Bars. Use SPF 30 after treatment.

Comes in a tub of 100 grams

My take:

I got curious when I saw the Snoe Stall at Robinson's Galleria (Ground Floor) weeks ago. They offer different skin care products which they claim are natural and organic. "Natural and Organic", hmm.. (o_O) that immediately lit up my bulb so I gave in to check out what's in store.

Honestly, I ended up buying this because of the scent! It smells like fresh apples and it's just so hard to resist. I've been using this on my face once a week, as a facial scrub to exfoliate my skin. Though I haven't tried this as a body scrub as I use a different product for that matter.

At first, I was really hesitant as I have combination skin that is quite sensitive to harsh products, but being the scientist at heart, I was ready to experiment. Haha.. :)

And my experiment did't let me down. In fact, how I wish I can exfoliate my face everyday (I know that's a crime), just so I can use this often because this thing is starting up an addiction in me. But contrary to the instructions, I prefer to rinse this out after scrubbing.


** has very fine micro scrubbing particles, making it suitable for facial use.
** has a minty feel, the kind that relaxes the senses.
** polishes the face, making it smooth giving your skin that healthy look.
** no irritations!


** has a lingering apple scent (some might not like it, but for me, that thing got me sold).
** not a hundred % organic product as shown in the ingredients list.
** comes in a tub container, you will have to scoop this out with a small spoon.

I like and enjoy using this scrub that I will surely get another once this runs out. For a price of a little less than 200 (sorry, I can't remember the exact price), I'm getting more than what I paid for. This makes my weekly home facilitated facial something to look forward to every week end. :)

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