Monday, September 19, 2011

The Struggle That Never Stops

Sometimes, things are just not right. Like why the heck you'd have to go back to square one and start all over? It's just not fair, thinking how much you've given and how much you've lost over someone or something then after all, you have to accept that everything's null and void.

I guess that's what the world is all about.. for not getting what you've worked for.. and not having what you deserve. Time after time people complain (like I do) about not getting what's supposed to be given to them. And it's a common dilemma. A battle between ego and reality. Life and Love.

Then we all end up being quiet. We all fall into the bed of accepting what was given, fair or not fair, much or not much. Because we'd rather stand up with the resolute mind that was left of us to continue and never stop. The world was never fair anyway, never.


  1. The world was never fair anyway, never.-
    agree! brings out the quietness that always eat us up:(

  2. hi sis!.. thanks for passing by.. there really are times like these that nothing makes it better than being silent..


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