Saturday, August 24, 2013

Till Next Time, Embraer.

Two days ago, Aug 21, was my last day to operate Embraer 170 as I am about to have my transition training for the Airbus 330 aircraft, in addition to the Boeing and other Airbus aircrafts I also usually fly. It is like dropping off the E70 for the A330. I am not really this kind of emotional when it comes to changes in work, but you know that feeling when you have to leave something that never did hurt you in any way. It's more like giving up a nice and sturdy chair you loved for the promise of a soft and pretty couch. I can be more emotional than that, I must say.
I wanted to keep this on record because I never want to forget how my last day for E70 was. It was a fast JED-EJH-JED roundtrip and God listened to my prayer to give us a good crew. From the cockpit crew to us in the cabin, everything went so smoothly, this was one of the rare flights where you never felt as if you're working. Takeoff and landing were perfect. I even asked my flying partner again and again if she noticed it too because takeoff and landing on an Embraer 170 can mostly be harsh as it is such a small aircraft, fighting the wind with a small body as it has would sometimes mean grabbing the airsickness bag.
Service in E70 is always a breeze. That is why I loved this aircraft so much. With 60 passengers in the Guest Class and 6 in the Business Class, you don't have to break a finger if everyone would ask for everything. Only in this aircraft that I won't get annoyed for every "Ding" from the passenger call button. Yes, I can be very grumpy when I'm hell tired. :)
Another thing I liked about E70 is the crew complement, it only needs 3 flight attendants for a full crew. The Purser, and the other two flight attendants. And as for me who flies with a flying partner, it feels like we're the bosses of our own office, hehehe... but in a good way, of course. And for our last flight for this aircraft, me and my flying partner were just so thankful that we were given a wonderful purser, who never minds whether we took almost a thousand pictures as remembrance.
I may never get to operate this aircraft again in exchange of another, but I will never forget how E70 made things easier for me. It may have been the smallest aircraft I have operated but it got the highest of my respect.
Masalama, Embraer.. till my next DHD flight with you.

Erikka (my flying partner) and Me!


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