Monday, August 29, 2011

Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner

This image was borrowed from the Avon website. This was from an ad so I guess I'm good to go with this. Why borrow a picture anyway? Well, simply because I have given out my own Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner right before I could even get a picture of it.

Hmm.. sounds like a product to hate, huh? Not really.. but if I can give one word of advice: Do not buy this. Why?

1. It does not last the way it claims to be. 8 Hours? The ads must be joking. It's not even waterproof and with minimal perspiration, one swipe of the hand can set a line across your face without you knowing it - unless your officemate tells you so.

2. It stings sensitive eyelids. I have sensitive eyelids, and this sends a burning sensation soon as I applied this on.

3. I got the shade "Shimmering Black". They must have named it "Gray". It is not shimmery, and it is not Black.

As much as I could, I don't wish to have this as a ranting post. But then, I can't find better ways to say how much I regret getting this product. Good thing my cousin "volunteered" to salvage this thing, Im about to ditch this straight to trash.

Oh boy, I believe I'm in a good mood.. yes I do. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nyx Cream Blush (Diva and Hot Pink)

Who can ever get enough of Nyx goodies?! Not me, that's for sure. I recently got these eye candies from the trusted Digital Traincase, I'm glad I did because these are my current favorites, I highly recommend these if you're into cream blushes.

When it comes to blushes, cream blushes or cheek tints offer the most natural look you can get with a blush - with proper application, that is. I tried using these with a stippling brush but eventually, I settled with using my fingers, as the heat from my hand somewhat makes the application easier.

I got the shades Diva and Hot Pink.

DIVA - A little brownish, almost scary red in the pan (I remember my friend saying, "You got this??!, why this??"). But she later ate her words after seeing it blended as it came out to be a subtle, pretty shade of crimson. I see this pretty much to complement my red lipsticks.

HOT PINK - Another shocker in the pan. The shade is simply Hot Pink. Same with Diva, it eases the shock when blended, as it came out as a nice, bright pink, candy pink in my terms that will perfectly go with any pink lipstick.


** The pan holds a lot of product. Given that you'll only need a tiny amount, this will certainly last for months and months of usage.

** Veeerrryy pigmented.

** Unscented. As in no scent at all.

** Not sticky and easy to blend, you don't have to rush for the fear of having hard edges.

** Lasted for about 3-4 hours on my combination skin, (better than some of my powder blushes doing some magic of disappearing on my cheeks).


** Can't think of any, hehe.. :)

For a humble price of 320 Php each, you'll definitely get your money's worth. Thank heavens for Digital Traincase. Sol, you are an angel! :) :) :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My (Body Shop) Dynamic Duo

Oh boy.. How I miss this thing so much.. Haven't had the time to blog for a couple of weeks. Blame it on work and the much needed time to sleep.. :)

Just this morning, my mom decided to go over my much beloved grandma's things. My lola passed away more than a year ago, and today is just the day we mustered the "strength" to once again touch her clothes and smell her perfume.. *Sigh*

Anywhooooo.. Mommy said if there's someone her jewelries had to be given to, that'll probably be me. (Proud smile). When my grandma was still alive, we'd always talk about make-up and fashion and how she'd put up with those when she was still young. She even allowed me to practice on her on how to put make-up on matured skin when I volunteered to be one of the so-called MUA's on my ate's wedding day. And now, I'm just so pleased to have what my lola had been keeping for the longest time.

** The stars up there are far more brilliant than these, Mamang. I bet you're enjoying them as much as I can imagine. I miss you so much, you know that. And I love you with all my heart. **

Today, I wanna share with you my Dynamic Duo. :)


The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion and Tea Tree Oil. I admit I have a couple of moisturizers, but these duo are the ones I reach out every time of the month my skin suffers from hormonal breakouts due to menstrual cycle related whatsoevers. I claim them highly effective, as they ease out small, red bumps and irregular texture my skin develops during "Red Alert Days".

Tea Tree Oil - I use this to clear out small pimple spots and minor blemishes, applying it directly on them after washing the face.

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion - Used as an over-all moisturizer after using Tea Tree Oil. Avoiding the eye area is a must! I've tried spreading this on to the eye area the first time I used this and man, was it so burning, I had to cool it down with tissue wipes.

I never had irritations with these and the lotion does moisturize well, I must say. And funny to note for me these smell like freshly cut grass.. haha. I'm definitely replenishing as my dynamic duo's nearly running out. These are some essentials I'll always have around.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends! Thanks for dropping by.. :)

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