Monday, August 29, 2011

Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner

This image was borrowed from the Avon website. This was from an ad so I guess I'm good to go with this. Why borrow a picture anyway? Well, simply because I have given out my own Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner right before I could even get a picture of it.

Hmm.. sounds like a product to hate, huh? Not really.. but if I can give one word of advice: Do not buy this. Why?

1. It does not last the way it claims to be. 8 Hours? The ads must be joking. It's not even waterproof and with minimal perspiration, one swipe of the hand can set a line across your face without you knowing it - unless your officemate tells you so.

2. It stings sensitive eyelids. I have sensitive eyelids, and this sends a burning sensation soon as I applied this on.

3. I got the shade "Shimmering Black". They must have named it "Gray". It is not shimmery, and it is not Black.

As much as I could, I don't wish to have this as a ranting post. But then, I can't find better ways to say how much I regret getting this product. Good thing my cousin "volunteered" to salvage this thing, Im about to ditch this straight to trash.

Oh boy, I believe I'm in a good mood.. yes I do. :)

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  1. It's good to rant sometimes. This product didn't sound like it deserved any praise at all, so it's OK to vent it out. ;)


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