Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's summer time now and I'm supposed to be having fun and enjoying life like what summer is supposed to be. Well, not for Karla. I have to finish my Communications 4 and 5 so I took the risk of having those simultaneously, which is like "whoa!". I mean, I have no choice, no, I have a choice but I was left with bad choices to choose from so I kind of chosen the better of those bad choices (huh?).

For the summer, we were given two designs we have to work on. One is a Microwave Link Design for Dagupan-Solano areas and the other is a Cellular Communications Network (GSM 1800) for Davao Del Sur. Sounds good? No. I of course appreciate the fact that they are preparing us and making us as competitive as we can be. But then, having two designs for a span of 4 weeks to finish is like asking a 10 year old finish 100 calculus problems in 3 hours! *sigh* This is really sucking the life out of me. But then again, thanks to my pride, I won't let myself get away with nothing, of course I managed to get through the most difficult parts and hopefully, my designs will be finished I think two days from now. Yes, Im nearly there. My documentations are nearly done too and the maps were all laid out for checking.

Oh I can't wait for Saturday!! After all the sleepless nights and forgotten meals, at last!, I can sleep all I want by then and eat all I want.. well, I still have to wait till Saturday.

but for now, well... back to my designs...................

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