Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocolate Bronzer?!!! Say what?!!

This is so perfect for those make-up enthusiast/chocolate lovers out there. Lets say, this can be an escape to the traditional make-up ways we do in everyday of our lives. I know what you're thinking of, coz that's exactly what I also first thought of.. Chocolate for bronzing?!! You gotta be kidding..

Well, as I try to shoo my boredom away in this laaazzzyyyyy holiday, I came to check the video blogs of Michelle Phan and here's what surprised me. Her attempt of trying out Swiss Miss as bronzer. I haven't tried this myself yet but mind you, I really am so interested... :) Bet ya Swiss Miss' gonna be in the top of my list once I get myself to the grocery..

I know, I know.. it's like "yuck.. this is going to be sticky I guess"... but according to Michelle, she tried to wear this bronzer/chocolate the whole day and -- no stickiness!! and best of all, those who have allergy issues about make-up components can finally wear chocolate!.. i mean.. bronzer.. :) One thing more, it wears out as a very subtle and natural shade you can wear during the day. But then I believe this may fail for night make-up looks which require a more dramatic finish.. well, let's find out...

Try checking her out and see her complete video and see what I'm actually trying to say here.. :)

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