Monday, July 23, 2012

My "Type" of Sunday

Having a job far from home is a very difficult thing that you have to go through everyday. And it can be even harder if we are talking about being hundreds and hundreds of miles apart, which gives you an option of being home only once in every few months.

Ever since I got this opportunity of having the job that will change our lives, I had to accept the sad truth that I will be missing a lot of things and people with whom I come to know as components of my daily life. I miss the waiting shed where I used to stay in at the corner of our nearby street, I miss the rain that gets me soaked up in my corporate attire even before I reach the office, I miss the sari-sari store where I buy my guilty pleasures of Marty's. Above all, I miss our church.

I am a 4th Watcher, (PMCC 4th Watch), a Born-again Christian in easier terms. Every Sunday, in Worship, we partake in the Holy Communion as a remembrance of Christ's suffering for the redemption of our souls and as a covenant between God and us. So when I started to live here in Jeddah, one of my biggest concerns is not being able to partake in that fundamental activity which really breaks my heart big time.

But God moves in our lives and that He keeps us able to think of ways for us to fulfill His will. One of my closest friends in the church has been continuously communicating with me, well, for moral support and of course, for spritual advises. He is an Elder in the church and he really wanted to help me out in having my communion over geographic distance. He then came up with an idea of officiating the communion through, guess what, the Internet.

In the situation that I am in, it is the best idea anyone can ever think of and I am really very thankful of having a friend helping me out to fulfill my duties as a Christian. I managed to open only one window in my desktop (and I demanded myself of this for me to have my focus), I prayed before everything else and I asked God to please bless this communion as this is going to be my first in the world wide web.

Skype was not very helpful at that time so we opened up a chat to have it done. I prepared my Bible, a small piece of bread and a small glass of grape sap. And through the authority that is vested upon him, he officiated the communion.

Officiating this communion is not that easy I must say. Because before proceeding, we need to be apprised first of the Word of God, and Alvin (my Elder friend) has to type and type contiuously in the chat as if he was talking to me personally while deliberating. And me on the other hand, needed to type my response. Ok, it isn't hard to type, right? But doing this is a bit unusual. 

After taking the communion and our prayer, he made me sing the Doxology, and I tell you, I really felt as if I am there at our church standing and singing my heart out. I almost cried. I thank the Lord for making me capable of this and for Alvin, for he was sent by God not only to be my friend, but also as a warrior of faith reaching out to me over the distance.

God never sleeps to make sure we take our breaths, what is a single act from us to show Him that we acknowledge?

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  1. I can relate so much with this, Dear. Keep the faith alive, no matter what =)


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