Monday, March 5, 2012

For A Change That Will Do Me Good

My new friends - during the orientation day
(Me, Erikka, Marj and Kikoh)

A month ago, I applied for an airline as a Flight Attendant. Luckily, I got selected after a series of interviews and assessments and I could not thank heaven enough for this wonderful blessing given to me. Until now, the fact still sits at the top of my head and I will have to rub it in to let reality sink in.

My brother is a flight attendant too working for a different airline and I can see how he enjoys the job. Years and years ago, he kept on convincing me to try my luck and join the bandwagon as he knows I will like the things that he likes and enjoy the perks he gets to enjoy. But being the "maton" that I am who prefers chucks over stilettos and jeans over skirts, I doubted. I said I will never get to live the lifestyle exuded by the glam that is of flight attendants and other than make-up, there is nothing I really like about them.

Everything changes with age. After years of brushing my brother's advise, I realized that I am NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. Ouch. 5 years from now, it will no longer be cute for me to be "maton" and speaking of being work-wise, I must now decide whether to remain in the so called "technical environment" I used to live in and rot here forever. That sends a not-so-happy thought in my head and a voice in me kicked in saying, it is now or never.

So that's it, a month ago, I checked online, looking for an airline open for hiring and I was able to see one. Immediately, I took all the necessary steps and thank God my heart wasn't broken on this one. Weeks from now, I will be leaving for training and that means that I will have to relocate near the airline's base. Another challenge, yes. Another phase of my life that I will be very excited to discover.

But then again, there are still a lot that I have to learn. When I get to think of what is ahead of me, I feel the fluttering of butterflies in my stomach. Maybe I am just so excited.. It's like the act of preparing to jump in bungee jumping, nerve wracking but with full excitement. :)


  1. congrats sis!!!! see you here in SG! God Bless xoxox miss u!

  2. awww.. thanks sis!! :) yah.. see you there! hehe.. God bless you too and I miss you mooorrreee!! :)

  3. KARLA Michelle. Congrats to you! If in case you are looking for a place to rent near the airport (5 minutes drive to/from the airport, we at 329 Armstrong manages a leasing condo. Please call only 586-2337. Top priority for flight attendants. we are very selective in choosing our tenants. Maximum occupants two (2) Call to reserve a unit.

  4. All I see is a beautiful woman growing up and looking more and more beautiful/sensual. People who do not see this, is blind in all ways thats important to you. Remember this, if nothing else, my parents were in their late forties when they married and had us kids. If they would of settles for something less, I would not be here, and enjoying this beautiful woman growing up and blossoming.

    Enjoy life from a distant father, who has saw the changing from 3rd generation to 1st generation in 1 year. Remember our life is nothing but a blink of an eye for our god.

  5. @Anonymous: Hi! How I wish I know who you are so I can thank you more for your kind words. :) Thanks too for sharing and letting me see that life, after all can never be too late. It's all about the perfect timing. :) Thanks for dropping by. God bless you always.

    1. You do know me, we are all the fathers in the world, here and ones sitting with our God Laughing and Smiling, wanting nothing more than "Daddy's Little Girl being Happy". I stay Anonymous, because there are people who dont understand, " Daddys Little Girl", and take it the wrong way. I just want you to understand that all fathers love their Daughter with no judgemnet, but with Love and Joy.

      I know your father is happy, as I see your smile, and your life unfolding, I feel a sense of completness and happines thinking of him, and get GooseBumps/shiver of joy doing so. This tells me his Life-Force is still with you and our God, wanting me to express our fatherly Love.

      Hold your head up, your knight will show up and rescue you, and you will live Happily Ever After!!!

    2. of all the comments I had, this one from you made me cry. thank you, thank you so much for speaking my Dad's thoughts through your words. this can be a small thing for you but for me, this is something big. every word is exactly what I needed to hear, just in time.. :) again, thank you. God bless your kind heart. :)

    3. I feel you need a little note from afar. Just thought you need to hear again.

      Remember as we look up for guidence and help, God and our fathers will be sitting side by side, laughing and enjoying the stories of old, when he got to hold you in his arms and protect you.

      Now all you have is faith, but always remember good or bad your mother is always there. It must hurt her dearly to see your father life bubbling in you, and not being able to hold or scold(hehe) him.

      So next time you see your mother give her a hug/kiss from him. Remember God will guide you, just need to ask.

    4. I knew it! I knew it! :) I can feel it is you! I won't say your name as I know you wish to stay "anonymous". But my heart cries for joy and I am glad it is you. Thank you so much. thank you so much for lifting up my spirit. the words you said and the thoughts you shared are such strong strings making up a tough rope which I can hold on to whenever I feel crushed. Exactly today is Daddy's second year in Heaven. God knows how I can hear his voice through you. thank you so much. and this comes from a daughter who carries her Daddy's heart..


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