Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lush Noubar Soap - Nutty Nougat Soap.

From the Lush Site:

A soap to go nuts over

Inspired by Italian nougat, Noubar looks good enough to eat. To create the peculiar texture of this green curiosity, Mo experimented with pistachios and other nuts to get it just right. Stirring in soap flakes, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts gives Noubar one of the most striking appearances in our range of handmade soaps.


I got this soap the last time Larry (my boyfriend) and I had gone to MOA. At first, I intended to drop by at Lush as I wanted to check out their lip balms (which I think I didn't like), so I ended up buying this.

Almost everyone who knows me know for a fact that I stopped using commercially made soaps for nearly two years now. And it really is very rewarding sticking to my "organic routines" as my skin is a whole lot better than before. I have been a loyal user (super loyal in a sense) to By Nature Handmade soaps and I can say I'll never get out of the habit - forevah! :)

But ofcourse, I always want to experiment and discover what other brands like Lush and the like has to offer with their varieties of handmade products. Oh I am such a sucker for organic and handmade stuffs!

So here's my review of Lush's Noubar:

The Smell:
The smell of this one is very nutty. I kind of like the oddness of it as this is the first soap I ever tried that smell of nuts. It is never overpowering and is something that's really cute in IMO.

The Lather:
This one does not really bubble up like most soaps. It is more like lathering up with lotion while bathing. Well this experience is not new to me as it's the same with the lather Olive Beauty of By Nature gives me.

After Shower Xprience:
I love how moisturizing this soap feels! It never really strip out lipids and same to my beloved By Nature, my skin never felt tight after shower. That's one of the reasons why I have been a convert to organic soaps, as most of them tend to be super moisturizing contrary to what commercial soaps are.

Here's the thing, Organic soaps are more beneficial but they do really cost MORE than just a bar of soap you get from the grocery aisles. Like this Noubar soap, good thing I got this during a sale because the original price of the two bars I got is 783.75 Php. (275/100 gms.).

With that hefty wallet damage, I'd be using this alternatively with By Nature. Oh I almost forgot, this one really melts so easy. This Noubar is such a soft soft soap that it will really be necessary to take this out of the shower lest seeing your money go down the drain too.

Will I buy again? Definitely.

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  1. That is one curious-looking soap! I'm very intrigued by the description. I'm not much of a soap person anymore, but I may be tempted to go back to it. :D Great review!


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