Monday, January 17, 2011

The Body Shop Carrot Moisture Cream

From the Body Shop Site:

It’s back! You will be rabbiting on about this rich daily moisture cream that leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth. An old favourite from The Body Shop®, originally launched in 1980 - now improved with added Community Trade sesame oil and Community Trade beeswax!!!

Size: 50ml


Community Trade Sesame Oil - helps to soften the skin.

Community trade beeswax from organic sources - moisturises and help condition the skin, while acting as a barrier to help seal in moisture.

Carrot oil - helps to revive and condition the skin.

Our Community Trade beeswax is supplied by Guide D’Espoir in Cameroon. It comes from hives handcrafted from locally sourced materials in the remote Adamaoua region. This traditional method of beekeeping helps promotes strong, healthy bees and deters logging.

Just to start with, my skin is a bit on the combination type as I get oily usually on the T-zone area only. I also have learned that even your skin produces oils more than a normal person does, you still have to moisturize your skin (with light moisturizers) to avoid further abnormal oil secretions.

I have been using this rich carrot moisturizer for almost a month now, though not that religiously I say. For me it does moisturize as it claims to be. It comes with a faint smell of carrots, which is somewhat odd for a skin care product, haha.

The consistency of this is on the medium side, making this suitable only for nightly skin moisturization, before bedtime so I'd rather not use this under make up as I think it'll make everything slip off in no time.

My skin turned out to be smoother and softer upon waking up (I think!) and the fact that it uses community trade ingredients makes me feel good as it does help the environment and the people who work for these organics.

Price: 750 PhP


  1. Looks yummm! Haha will try this when I get the chance:)


  2. Hi Mav! :) just be careful not to spread it over your breakfast loaf.. hehe. thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Haha will put this away from the kitchen. :D


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