Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Divi Buds (Ear buds bought from Divisoria)

What you see is a pack of ear buds (aka Q-tips) that I got from a trip to Divisoria. This costs only 10 pesos for two packs, way so much cheaper than Q-tips from Watsons. The difference is, the cotton tips come off easily from the stem, so NEVER use this for ear cleaning... ironic, but true, unless you want to have a bank of cotton tips inside your head.. :) For ear cleaning, I suggest Q-tips of higher quality, which of course you could get from drugstores.

So why the heck I ever bought these cheap buds?! Well, I can make use of these for a lot of reasons. I cut these into half and put them on a small jar making a couple of single ended buds that I use for:

My lip balm, moisturizer, and even the cold rub that I use does not always come on swivel packs or pump bottles. And since that I have longer nails (which I love to paint with nail color like crazy), it's always hard to get balms on tubs with bare hands without having the product get stuck under your fingernails. And using a "spatula" is also a hassle for me coz I'd have to clean it and wash it after every use, which I find a little time consuming for me. With these buds, all I'd have to do is toss it on the bin after using.

I am not a pro in painting my nails. And more often that I get polish streaks at the sides of my fingers. I soak the tips on nail polish remover and carefully work my way on the streaks.

This is a must-have for every make-up enthusiast like me. :) These buds are a lot of help in perfecting eyeshadow applications, spot concealing, and many more. I find these in handy especially when I do make-up for my friends who get teary eyed when I "waterline" them. A bud near the tear duct solves the problem.

I have three dogs (creatures that I love to pieces!). And sometimes, like us humans, they wake up in the morning with what else?! -morning glory. Hehe... I use the buds to take those out. Yucky but cute.. :)

There are more than a hundred ways I could think of what use these buds can come up to. And for those hundred ways, I am just so glad that cheap cotton buds exist and in that case I won't have to think about the pain of spending more only for these little personal and household needs.

but then again.. NEVER USE THESE ON YOUR EARS. :) :) :)

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