Sunday, January 1, 2012

End Of The World??!

Will the world end now that it is finally 2012? I think not. Because for me, it has just started hours ago. The world has started over again to give new chances and new beginnings. There is always something so renewing every New Year and the world is very much thankful that as 11:59 PM of 2011 stroke its final second, 12:00 AM came in with full excitement, shaking the ground with roar and lightning.

The world is old and is subjected to end, we all know that as a fact. But that stays at the back of our minds. Because we, as hopeful human beings would rather face the New Year morning with childlike hearts, keeping prayers in our pockets that in this New Year, we can now get things right, that this is another chance for us to finally set our marks.

For the bad things that broke our hearts in the past year, we now just put them behind and brush them off our shoulders. What didn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? So that makes everyone of us, alive and existing, stronger ones than what we were before. And that single thought of strength is enough for us to keep us going, keep us fighting. For after the 365 days from today, we can once again say, another battle has won.


  1. Agree. Happy New Year, dear. :)

  2. A message full of hope! I hope 2012 will be a very very good year for you, Karla Michelle! :)


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