Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Sunday at Starbucks.

Last Sunday, before going to work, I decided to drop by Starbucks to get my usual coffee fix. Like always, Caramel Macchiato, hot. As I wait on the line I looked at the time and another more minute, I'm going late. But I don't care.. :)

Then here goes Mr. Barista..
-even before he could open his mouth and say anything, I hasten to say "Caramel Macchiato, hot".. kasi nga late na ako diba, kaya inunahan ko na..but this guy started me with some kind of a small talk..hay, o sige na nga, habang ginagawa yung kape ko...

Barista: "Maam, parang kilala kita.."
Karla: (medyo kinabahan ako..) "Talaga?..hmm.."
Barista: "Sa Libis po..around 3 years ago."
Karla: (((edi lalo naman akong kinabahan.. Libis?.. anong nangyari sa Libis?)))

I was a bit looking awkwardly because I cannot remember anything!

Barista: "Ako yung nasa Country Style dati. Dun ka laging nagbbreakfast after work"
Karla: "Ahhh.. oo nga.." (Then I suddenly remembered him as the guy who works in country style.. way back before when I was at IBM)

I kind of laughed at myself deep inside. Kabahan daw ba? Hehe.. But seriously, I was amazed with this guy. Really. Super Memory. As he gave me my coffee, I remembered he never asked for my name..(to put on the cup, of course) I just saw it right there, written: Carla. Wrong spelling, pero pwede na.. haha. In all fairness he even remembers my name!

Tsk,tsk.. pumapapak yata 'to ng Memo Plus Gold... :) I waved goodbye as I head out and he said, "Have a good day, Carla/Karla" -whichever.

Naks, nice accent.. pang call center si kuya.. hehe.


  1. That barista sure has a superb memory to even remember your name. :P

    We used to work at the same company 3 years ago. :P

  2. Hi Pammy!! :) I'm soooo glad you read my post. I wonder if you even know that memory guy way back before.. :) He is such a sweetie..

    I so love your blog.. really.. :) keep posting more and make this world a better place. hehe. God bless you!


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